Commercial fertilization services in Louisville, KY

Are Your Plants Getting The Nutrients They Need?

To truly see your lawn and plants reach their full potential, take advantage of our commercial fertilization services. G3 Lawn Care, LLC has years of experience nurturing commercial lawns of all sizes in the Louisville, KY area.

Without the proper fertilizers, your lawn will eventually lose its luster. Call 502-417-8659 now to learn more about our commercial lawn care services, including commercial fertilization. You can schedule a consultation with us at your convenience.

Why fertilize your yard?

In addition to keeping your lawn a vibrant, healthy shade of green, commercial fertilization also:

  • Keeps your lawn weed-free
  • Makes your lawn disease-resistant
  • Encourages your grass to grow faster and thicker
To get started on your commercial fertilization work in Louisville, KY, contact G3 Lawn Care today. Don't forget to ask about our other commercial lawn care services when you call!